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Special Finance Leads - Auto Dealership Special Finance Sales Leads Program.

Special Finance Leads, Auto Dealer Sub Prime Special Finance Sale Leads, and Auto Loan Leads are available for dealerships who have special finance programs. We provide you with exclusive internet generated special finance leads which can increase your sales consistently month in and month out.

If you are looking to increase your sales we have the solution for your company! We can provide you with fresh and exclusive sub prime special finance leads at affordable prices. Most dealerships in our program have realized that going with exclusive sales leads is more like an investment than an expense. Our customers are applying through a web site such as this one and are in need of special finance programs that can help them obtain an auto loan.

If you run a special finance dealership and would like to receive exclusive leads email our special finance department and one of our representatives will contact you very quickly.

Sub prime special finance leads are delivered in real time via email or fax as the come in from our web sites. All leads are sold exclusively to one dealership only per area.




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